Deeptech for our living planet.
Our incremental offer ranges from our Aİ code deployable in your product,
to a complete 24/7 transportable and autonomous system,
integrating our multi-spectral (visible and thermal) real-time alert Case.

Our Product line

Embedded Aİ

Developed internally, our Aİ processes multi-spectral images close to the sensors, re-trainable on different use cases with frugal data, deployable on low-power chips, detecting events of interest in real time to bring autonomy and responsiveness to Embedded Systems.


Our real-time detection and alert case is Plug&Play on several vectors (fixed mast, drones, Helia), trainable on use cases in several fields, thanks to its multispectral sensors (Visible & Thermal), with 100% EU components, fully repairable and upgradeable.

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Our tethered aerostat can be deployed in any open area accessible by LV. It is 24/7 autonomous, and can withstand winds of up to 90km/h. You will be alerted in real time, day and night, receiving an MMS with the detection of interest, up to an altitude of more than one km, covering an area of several 100km².

Operational Products

multi-target  multi-spectral  multi-task

Our approach is designed to suit your use cases, with Artificial Intelligence as close as possible to the cameras (visible and thermal). This way, you're alerted in real time and notified of any detection, day or night.

Discover our achievements 


 Early fire detection

 Intervention support

 Fire reignition monitoring


 Search and Rescue

 Pollution detection

  Boat detection

Espace protégé

 Search and Rescue

 Pollution detection

   Species protection

Our support

Awarded the Hi France high-potential innovative company label in June 2023

French Tech Emergence grant
by BPI France

Winner of the AMI
to bring an on board Aİ of trust 

EU AI Talent BonsAPPs' selection for industrial challenge resolving through Aİ

Competitiveness cluster partners


AzurIA propose un   service sur-mesure d'Intelligence artificielle  (IA) pour système embarqué dans les domaines de l'espace, l'économie bleue et verte, et l'écologie en général. Nous vous accompagnons dans l'annotation de vos données, et concevons une İA sur-mesure optimisée pour l'électronique (FPGA, CPU, GPU, TPU, NPU, DPU, MCU/microcontroleur) la mieux adpatée à votre besoin. Notre IA qualifée  projet DEEPTECH  par BPI France peut traiter avec une faible latence et consommation vos images ou vidéos 2D ou 3D en  haute résolution spatiale  avec une  haute plage de dynamique  (High-Dynamic Range - HDR) et  haute résolution spectrale  (multispectral, hyperspectral). AzurİA est lauréate de l'AMI du programme  afin de développer des IA compacts et robustes déployables sur électronique.