Embedded Intelligence

Together, let’s accelerate your smart product’s commercialization !

Our customized and optimized proposition is the system oriented approach of your needs,
with an expertise in all three essential dimensions of embedded AI :
Data + Software + Hardware



Embedded AI up close to the sensor allows your product to be more responsive and increase its range of activities.


By filtering data at its source, embedded AI saves energy by minimizing transmitted and stocked datas.  


Only useful data is transmitted by our embedded solution,  thereby respecting the GDPR.

Our application fields

Our AI models are adapted to suit your usage

and your Embedded System from microscope to satellite !


Detect sea pollution and quantify wild dumping thanks to our AI embedded on drone or satellite .


Analyze the microbial life of soils or the health of your cultivations thanks to our AI embedded in a multi-spectral sensor. 


Protect the common assets such as water and forests thanks to AI embedded in our aerostat Helia.

Your activity !

Support your smart product development, with garantee of results for a succesful market launch on time.


Our Supporters

Support and financing since June 2020 by the PACA-EST incubator

French Tech Emergence Grant
By BPI France  

Winner of the AMI to embed a trusted AI

Competitiveness cluster partners

      AzurIA offers a customized Artificial Intelligence (AI) service for embedded systems in the fields of space, the blue and green economy, and ecology in general. We support you in the annotation of your data, and design a tailor-made İA optimized for electronics (FPGA, CPU, GPU, TPU, NPU, DPU, MCU/microcontroller) best suited to your needs. Our qualified IA DEEPTECH project by BPI France can process with low latency and consumption your 2D or 3D images or videos in high spatial resolution with a high dynamic range (High-Dynamic Range - HDR) and high spectral resolution (multispectral, hyperspectral). AzurİA is the AMI winner of the program to develop compact and robust AI that can be deployed electronically.